Turnkey Powder Coating Company for Sale with All Assets in Place

Price: $300,000

Location: Palm Beach County

Industry: Building and Construction

Listing ID: 55064

Listing Status: Available


Turnkey Powder Coating Company for Sale with All Assets in Place

1. Business Overview:
• Founded in 2008, this family-owned and operated business specializes in powder coating, soda, and media blasting.
• Their facility spans 5,000 square feet and is equipped to handle various projects.
• The team prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintains high standards.
2. Blasting Services:
• Mobile Soda Blasting: Used for smoke and soot damage.
• In-House Blasting: Effective for rust or corrosion removal.
• Media Blasting: Versatile for surface preparation.
• Soda Blasting: Environmentally friendly paint stripping method.
• Baking Soda Blasting: Safely removes paint, coatings, and surface corrosion.
3. Mobile Sandblasting Truck:
• The business boasts a state-of-the-art mobile sandblasting truck valued at $100,000.
• This truck allows them to provide on-site services, catering to a broader clientele.
4. Existing Business Infrastructure:
• Turnkey Operation: Everything is in place for a smooth transition.
• Client Base: Established relationships with clients and repeat business.
• Equipment: Well-maintained machinery and tools.
5. Growth Opportunities:
• Expand Services: Utilize the mobile truck for on-site projects and reach new customers.
• Marketing: Invest in targeted marketing to attract more clients.
• Diversify Offerings: Explore additional services related to blasting and refinishing.
• Geographic Expansion: Consider serving neighboring areas.

Taking over this business presents an exciting opportunity to enter a well-established venture with growth potential. For $300,000, you not only acquire the business but also gain access to the mobile sandblasting truck and a solid foundation for success.


FFE: $300,000

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David Carson