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Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Sunbelt’s M&A Transaction Process is a unique approach to marketing mid-sized businesses.

Our sytem is proprietary and available only to Sunbelt Business Brokers.

In addition to local, national and international buyer searches, the ClearView program effectively presents your middle-market business for sale to private equity groups across the country.

If your business has earnings over $1m or is prime for consolidation by a strategic buyer, you are an “M&A type” transaction. Middle-market M&A transactions are treated similarly to main street business transactions with the exception of how the business is presented, how it is marketed and how offers are solicited. It takes an experienced M&A team to present the business in it’s best light and provide the type of information most often requested by strategic or equity buyers.

Our process takes time to understand you, your business and your goals; facilitate a third-party appraisal report; prepare a detailed offering memorandum; confidentially market the business through ClearView and other areas; evaluate prospective buyers; solicit and negotiate letters of intent; help navigate the buyer’s due diligence; and, finally, assist you all the way to the closing table. Along the way and according to plan, we work with the buyer’s and seller’s attorneys, accountants, key employees, vendors, customers and more.

Through national alliances, Sunbelt has gathered detailed investment criteria from over 1200 Private Equity Groups (PEGs). These PEGs have registered with Sunbelt and actively participate in the ClearView process. Each PEG’s mergers and acquisition or investment criteria is compared to your business profile on our exclusive M&A web site. Your business is then presented to all private equity groups whose investment criteria match your business profile. This effective, stream-lined approach provides maximum exposure with minimal upfront cost.