Two Thriving Vegan Restaurants in Miami-Dade County

Price: $400,000

Location: Miami

Industry: American Restaurants

Listing ID: 54398

Listing Status: Available


Established in 2014, our pair of vegan restaurants have become a cornerstone in Miami-Dade County, epitomizing a fusion of vibrant culinary art and a commitment to healthy living. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs, these establishments have flourished, offering a tantalizing array of plant-based dishes that cater to diverse palates and dietary needs. Proven Success: First location, opened in 2014, quickly became a local favorite, leading to the successful launch of our second venue on Sunset Drive in 2019. This expansion speaks volumes about our brand's popularity and growth potential. From nutrient-packed juices and smoothies to sumptuous soups, salads, wraps, and breakfast options, our menu is designed to delight while promoting health and wellness. Community Focused: Business extends beyond cuisine. We've nurtured a strong community around a lifestyle of wellness and plant-based nutrition, evident in our loyal customer base and excellent Google ratings. Growth Potential:These restaurants are ripe for franchising, a testament to their scalable business model. Additional opportunities include extending operating hours to serve dinner, which can significantly boost revenue. License Expansion: The potential to acquire a beer and wine license, along with the introduction of a coffee bar, offers additional avenues for sales growth. Turnkey Operation:** With established locations, a strong brand, and a loyal customer base, these restaurants offer a seamless transition for the new owner. Highly Rated: Exceptional Google ratings attest to our strong market presence and customer satisfaction. Expansion Ready: These establishments are primed for franchising, promising an exciting growth trajectory for the visionary investor. We invite interested parties to explore this unique opportunity to own and grow a pair of celebrated vegan restaurants in the heart of Miami-Dade County. Step into a venture that promises not just profitability but also the joy of enriching lives through healthful and delicious plant-based cuisine.


Total Sales: $744,372

Cash Flow: $134,915

FFE: $12,000

Inventory: $2,500

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Mitchell Weinberger